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Arisun Brand and KUMAT Company

Arisun Brand and KUMAT Company : Pioneering the Americas Tire Market Together /Collaborative Momentum: Arisun and KUMAT Forge the Path in the American Tire Market

The partnership between KUMAT Company and Arisun Brand is aimed at jointly expanding into the American market. Leveraging the technical prowess and market experience of both entities, we are committed to providing high-quality, innovative tire products, and services to the American market.

Through our collaborative efforts, we will explore the potential of the American market and strive for continuous business growth and development. This partnership will offer consumers a wider range of choices and enhance the global influence and competitiveness of both brands.

We will highlight the respective strengths and values of the Arisun and KUMAT brands, emphasizing how these strengths complement each other and support our strategic approach in the American tire market. Our focus will be on our expertise, innovation capabilities, and unwavering commitment to quality, showcasing how our collaboration will bring added value and competitive advantage.

This partnership will further solidify our leading positions in the tire industry and bring more choices and competitiveness to the American market.