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A New Leap: Securing Overseas Sales Agency Rights for DoubleCoin Forklift Tires

Recently, KUMAT Tire Company announced the launch of a brand new tire that utilizes advanced sensor technology to monitor the health status of tires in real-time and provide intelligent maintenance advice. This innovative technology can provide users with a more convenient and efficient service experience.

KUMAT Awarded Exclusive Sales Rights for DoubleCoin Forklift Tires, Focusing on Expansion in the Forklift Tire Market!

DoubleCoin Tire is a renowned tire manufacturer committed to producing high-quality, durable, and reliable tire products. As a leading player in the industry, DoubleCoin is known for its outstanding manufacturing processes and innovative technologies. The brand’s tire products cover various sectors, including passenger cars, trucks, construction machinery, and forklifts, catering to the diverse needs of customers. Whether driving on highways or working in harsh job site conditions, DoubleCoin tires are trusted for their excellent performance, wear resistance, and stability. Through continuous technological innovation and quality control, DoubleCoin aims to provide customers with a safer and more reliable driving experience, making it a preferred choice for vehicle owners and businesses worldwide.

KUMAT is proud to be awarded the exclusive overseas branding rights for DoubleCoin brand forklift tires, this cooperation marks a perfect combination of both parties’ strengths, based on KUMAT’s rich sales experience and global sales network, KUMAT will push DoubleCoin brand forklift tires into the international market and provide customers with unparalleled product choices and services. This cooperation will not only strengthen KUMAT’s market position in the forklift tire sector, but will also further enhance the awareness and competitiveness of the DoubleCoin brand in the international market.