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KUMA’s Debut Showcase at SEMA Exhibition in the USA

As a leading global tire manufacturer, KUMAT is gearing up for its upcoming appearance at the SEMA SHOW, where its formidable innovation and manufacturing capabilities will showcase the unique charm of Chinese “smart manufacturing” to the world.

KUMAT Tire Company is dedicated to producing high-quality tire products. It offers a variety of tire types, including but not limited to passenger car tires, truck tires, SUV tires, commercial vehicle tires, and construction machinery tires. These tires undergo meticulous design and stringent quality control to ensure outstanding performance, durability, and safety. Whether for everyday driving or challenging road conditions, KUMAT tires deliver a stable and reliable driving experience.

The SEMA SHOW in the United States is renowned for its high level of professionalism and is a highly anticipated event in the global automotive aftermarket industry. Each year, it attracts hundreds of thousands of car enthusiasts and industry professionals. According to official sources, this year’s exhibition will feature over 2,000 new products making their debut, drawing more than 150,000 professional buyers from over 100 countries worldwide.